IMG00195-20110112-0925”Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” Benjamin Franklin

This is a profound statement when applied to any organisation wanting to transform its ethos. In our contemporary world, the growth of the economy is totally dependent on the efficacy of the workplace. Research studies indicate that in America alone, 70% of actively engaged employees are not reaching their full potential – a problem that has significant implications for any organisation and the global economy.

”Engaged workers have significantly higher productivity, profitability, customer ratings, work fulfillment and lesser absenteeism and safety incidents”…McKinsey

Kreativity at Work is your Wellness Consultancy with a difference…we offer you innovative and creative solutions to live your fullest potential! Our unique Wellness Indicator assessment tool comprises the latest frontier-science technology,which will give you a precise roadmap for your company’s THRIVE PROFILE.

How are you engaging your employees?

What is your approach to assessing your current capabilities?

Can you clearly define your skills’ gaps?

Do you have objective third-party diagnostics for your company?

Do you know how to move from Stress to Success?

How do you motivate and inspire employees?

We, at Kreativity at Work, understand your needs and we offer you  breakthrough tools and techniques to transform your workplace. Our Well and Wise at Work programme is designed to create profound transformation within your teams.


Using frontier-science technology, the THRIVE FACTOR and from STRESS TO SUCCESS is un-paralleled in its delivery to stimulate sustainable change.

images (20)Does your company have the THRIVE Factor?







The THRIVE FACTOR provides you with an extraordinary conceptual process to catapult your organization into a quantum field of possibilities

  • Powerful and leading-edge technology which creates an Integrated Success Profile
  • Incorporates evidence-based research and techniques on The Neurochemistry of Success
  • Personality and Brain Profiling which clearly indicates your strengths and ‘blind spots’
  • Brain Integrated Approach
  • Connected Communication
  • Breakthrough Technology
  • Rich Interactions

Research indicates that escalating levels of contemporary stress are contributing to lifestyle diseases, by interrupting work-life balance. Statistics show that 8/10 visits to a physician are for stress- related complications.

An organization built on THRIVE has the potential to redefine its model of SUCCESS.


Tenacity to stay ahead with global emerging trends

Happiness to create individual and organizational coherence

Results to showcase significant change

Innovation to diversify key competencies

Vitality to stimulate and inspire enthusiasm

Excellence as a benchmark for transformation

And our solutions are different because…

Brain Integrated Approach builds a SUCCESS Profile which grows with you through the company

It transforms your organization at blinding speed with a 360* turn using frontier-science technology for workplace wellness

Refreshingly innovative concept to precisely identify, understand & resolve challenges

Research-validated interventions & solutions based on cutting-edge techniques

 Ignite change…inspire transformation & step into the field of powwerful possibilities for you and your company#

761959Mediocre to Magnificent Managers (Seminar/Individual Coaching sessions)

The ”tell and command” style of managing is past its sell-by date. Managers who are connected, engaging, interactive and compassionate are at the frontline of organisational transformation. All too often, companies focus on the bottom-line of performance and productivity and dismiss the power of shaping magnificent managers through the hugely influential process of becoming self-aware.

”Wisdom comes from reflection”

Working up front and close with managers is an integral component of the seminar. With the incorporation of leading-edge resources, neuro-scientific principles, personality profiling, conscious communication and inner-coherence techniques, you will be scaled up to magnificent in record time!

819Presentations/Informative Talks (90 minutes)

A great way to introduce the concepts of workplace wellbeing into your organisation. Very popular with companies wanting to experience a quick expose of the benefits of introducing transformational strategies through baseline assessments. High-impact and dynamic presentations will inspire and motivate you to step up implement your game plan.

” Super! Just super! Our team thoroughly enjoyed the workshop”

DRT Engineering

”A well-structured presentation with brilliant outcomes. Thank you. Highly recommended to others”


 ”What a great seminar! I have learnt so much about my management style and its impact on my team. New improved eyes!”

Auckland District Health Board

”The most powerful personal transformation workshop ever. The information was amazing!”

Attendee Global Women Organisation