543003_4947562326171_1232192693_n(3)Jayshree Mannie,CEO of Kreativy at Work, is a sought-after Master Life Coach, Child Wellness Therapist and Motivational Speaker. With extensive national and international experience, her speaking engagements and Wellness Seminars spans multi-national companies and organisations.

Jayshree has appeared on television, both abroad and nationally, interviewed in various print media including The O Magazine, Fair Lady, You; National Newspapers The Sunday Times, The Daily News, The Cape Argus,The Gulf News (UAE); The North Shore Times (NZ); Radio Stations ECR, Radio 702, SAFM and in UAE, Norway, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada and Namibia.

Professionally and academically qualified in educational leadership, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching, stress management, holistic nutrition and cognitive-behavioral therapy – over 20 healing modalities – she has a vast array of tools to create profound transformation for yourself or in the workplace. Her studies at University of KZN (SA), University of Johannesburg(SA), University of Otago(NZ), Massey University(NZ) and School of Natural Health Sciences(UK) is indicative of her commitment to a robust knowledge base.


819Her pioneering work in supporting the emotional, psychological and academic needs of children has received world-wide acclaim. The Junior Journey, the brainchild of Jayshree Mannie – created and developed in her own classroom in 2001 (now copyright of Brandon Bays) ,bears testimony to her enterprising and innovative thinking. The Junior Journey has reached over 63 000 children in South Africa and over 2000 schools globally. And it all began…in a humble little rural school where the thirst for inner awakening was stronger than their individual circumstances. With just over 160 children, ages 10-13 years, Jayshree developed an interesting and effective method of guiding children to access their inner emotional scripts and then, to liberate their genius! The Junior Journey was born and the rest…is pleasant history!


Jayshree Mannies has presented seminars, talks and academic papers at the following international events since 1999: They include –

  1.  Global Holistic Health Summit – India
  2. Soul in Education Conference – South Africa
  3. Pacific Rim Evidence-Based Research in Wellness – Canada
  4. Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation – South Africa
  5. Human Right’s Commission – New Zealand
  6. National Council on Women – New Zealand
  7. The Path to Inner Radiance – UAE, Dubai
  8. Children’s Rights Organisation – South Africa
  9. Association of Principals – South Africa
  10. Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists – India
  11. Rotary Club – Singapore
  12. Partners in Education Association – Singapore
  13. Namyang Polytechnic – Singapore
  14. Parents and  Expats (PAE) – Hong Kong
  15. Alliance for a New Humanity – Costa Rica
  16. Mindfulness and Me – United Kingdom, London
  17. OMEP – South Africa. Australia
  18. Business and Professional Women’s Association – New Zealand, South Africa
  19. Early Childhood Forum – South Africa
  20. TREE – Training and Resources in Early Education – South Africa
  21. Auckland Health District Board – New Zealand
  22. Turning the Tide of Education – Namimbia

In addition, she has been invited to numerous community organisations, academic institutions, corporate entities and government parastatals to speak on issues of topical interest.

Jayshree Mannie has been interviewed on the following SABC television shows:

  1. SABC 3 Talk
  2. SABC Free Spirit Documentary
  3. SABC Sadhana – An Inward Journey

Her engaging personality and warm interaction is a powerful ingredient as she supports you in facilitating change.

Her guiding motto is “When your heart is filled with love, you will always have something to give!”

B.Paed (Arts); B.Ed(Hons); FDE Guid/Couns(Cum Laude); PGDip.HealSc; PGDip’EdLead; Dip.Aroma;Dip Reflex; CBT; Life Coach; NLP Practitioner; LOA Practitioner; Reiki Master Teacher