page1Kreativity at Work is about revealing the Masterpiece from within. As a Wellness Consultancy, we provide well-being programmes which are the cutting-edge of personal development. Our unique and extensive range of tools and techniques are designed for companies, corporates,organisations,academic institutions, adults, children and teenagers – and we incorporate frontier-science technology and research, to transform your life and your workplace. With vast national and international experience, Kreativity at Work brings to you tools for transformation. Our Wellness Indicator, with advanced technology gauges your health and well-being and once assessed and evaluated, programmes are customised according to your needs. Boost general health, increase energy and productivity, align your goals, uplift employee morale…we offer it all. We help you rewire your neurology for optimal emotional and physical health….creatively, innovatively and with integrity.

Jayshree Mannie, CEO of Kreative Wellbeing Consultancy has an avid interest in the wellness of children across all age groups. A wide body of research indicates that the way in which we raise and teach our children, shapes future generations. The resources, products and interventions offered by Kreativity at Work to parents, teachers and children is  on solid evidence-based research about the nurturing of our children during in the 21st century. Concepts like emotional resilience, the neuroboilogy of behaviour, learning styles, multiple intelligence, parenting pitfalls and possibilities, teaching in a neurodiverese classroom – are all innovative solutions in supporting our future generations towards a better humanity.