Resources for Children and Teenagers   

I have great pleasure in sharing these incredible products with you – parents, teachers, caregivers and all those who want to see their children thrive and flourish by touching their true essence from within. These resources are designed to work with your child’s pure potential – to encourage, to stimulate and to inspire them to make wise choices, to listen intently and deeply, to enjoy quiet time and most importamtly of all, to know there true value as human beings. When there is inner alignment, our children will enjoy an incredible life;s path.

The CD’s, inspirational cards, board games, Heart Zone Activity books  and Story Books are designed with the latest in technology and positive psychology. The CD’s use high quality brainwave audio technology with bin aural beats and uplifting frequencies to motivate and inspire your child to develop good practices and mindsets for a fulfilling s life.. Each resource is carefully and thoughtfully created to fire impulses of enthusiasm, understanding and introspection.

CD  The Golden Heart – An Inner Adventure   USD 9

The joy of using this CD is that it teaches your child emotional resilience. It helps your child identify emotions associated with painful or hurtful memories and helps him/her express these emotions and clear them from the memory banks, by reprogramming them. It is like an inner adventure – being carried on a spaceship into the body and discovering  and understanding emotions and their triggers. It’s light, playful and yet deeply liberating. A must if you want your child to be emotionally resilient. It also has a Forest Meditation track and music tracks which use NLP techniques to anchor positive feelings.

CD Wise Choices   USD 9

Set to subliminal music and positive embeds, this powerful CD helps your child learn the importance of making wise choices from early on in life. As parents, we are unable to be all over all the time to help them take sound decisions and this CD is designed to be just that – an effective way to reinforce wise choices in life with friends, foods, behaviour, personal care, relationships and career path. There are many external stressors in society and our children can fall prey to negative habits or behaviour. Yet if we are able to continually and lovingly help them steer themselves onto the right track through making wise choices, they will lead happier and easier loves.  It makes great bedtime listening as this is the perfect time for the subconscious to absorb the guiding words of this CD. making wise choices will influence the trajectory of your child’s life.

CD Focus and Concentration   USD 9

Pure focus and concentration is indeed an art, even for adults! So when we teach this essential skill to our younger ones, we are helping them lay the foundation for being in the present. This CD is elegantly and creative;y designed to get your child into the zone. To fire clarity and laser-like attention. It is recommended for use before tests,, exams or any big events which require sharp focus. I encourage parents or teachers to use this CD to support a child’s contemplative practices, whether it is meditation, reflective time, journalling or drawing, as the music and words will carry your child into a deep space of clarity and attention.The use of subliminal embeds with biinaural beats and the sounds of nature is an excellent way to set the tone for the ultimate in focus and concentration.

CD Teenz Motivation and Inspiration   USD 9

A superbly uplifting CD infused with brainwave audio technology and inspiring music which is bound to get your child in a happy and joyous mood. When our vibrational frequencies are elevated by uplifting music and positive words, we feel better instantly and life begins to mirror how we feel. This CD therefore is the gold standard for getting your child into a space of feeling good more of the time, until it becomes a way of life. Choosing to feel good is skill for navigating life’s challenges and for celebrating life’s blessings. It’s a superb way to teach your child the power of positive thoughts and how it can shape their day into an amzing one. The powerful messages in this CD are read from the Teenz Cardz pack.

CD Morning Wishes   USD 9

A fantastic way for your child to set the tome for the day! This CD is designed for your child to understand the power of of intentions and learn the easy technique of setting intentions for how the day plays out and have fun whilst it unfolds. It helps your child be clear on outcomes for the day and how to integrate flexibility into goals, should things go differently for them. It helps your child tune into their own positive thoughts and understand the power of good feeling thoughts in attracting more of that. Coupled with good vibrations and uplifting music it is perfect for easy morning listening.

CD Bedtime Bliss   USD 9

A wonderful time to unwind, rest and relax. In today’s tech-powered worlds, so many of our children go to bed all wired and hyped. This takes a toll on their nervous system. This is a great way to teach children the value of creating a calm space before bed, A time when the body and mind need deep rest and peace…as it is an easy, quiet , nice time where each cell in the body looks forward to resetting its working clock for the next day.  It is also invaluable way of teaching children the joys of expressing gratitude for the day that’s done. Tomorrow is a whole new day! When children understand the power of gratitude, they open the doors to infinite possibilities.Peaceful slumber words with deep soothing music…perfect for all ages.

Kidz Cards   USD 11

A simply stunning set of cards for little ones., with amazing colours and images. This deck of 18 cards is ideal to teach your child ages 3 to 9 years important life skills.It helps with emotional self-regulation from a young age. Each card has a special message on feelings, awareness, mindfulness and fun. These messages and enthralling pictures will help your child understand the need to ne still at times, to listen deeply, to be compassionate and kind and so forth. It’s  a great resource for teachers who can use this in group sessions to encourage healthy sharing of emotions and memories. It’s versatile in its uses and builds a strong foundation for social and emotional learning.


Teenz Cards   USD 11

An absolutely powerful set of 36 cards for teenagers and young adults. They are beautifully desigmed and created to inspire and motivate either teenagers or young adults. It is a resourceful tool to have as it highlights salient aspects of  during the developmental years and holds a profound space for your child’s soft skills. Sometimes our teenage children are unable to articulate their feelings or needs, therefore these cards are the ideal resource to support your teens emotional and cognitive growth. It helps build confidence, clarity, inner strength, courage,  and  number of skills that teens need during their developing years.

Both the Kidz Cards and the Tennz Cards are really versatile in its use. Whilst i have outlined the basic ways in which it can be used, your imagination is the limit. I have used the cards inter-changeably across all age groups and it has been heaps of fun, deep self-evaluation times and often hilarious insights! Families love using the cards together and creating good energy vibes all round.



Heart Zone Activity Books    USD 18

Magical Me!          Book 1         USD 12

The Magic Key     Book 2        USD 12

The Magic Carpet  Book 3     USD 12

Golden Heart Series               USD 33

The Inwards Door to More…    USD 18

Children of the New Earth (To be released soon)

AWAKEN! Parents and Teachers  (to be released soon) 

Conscious Classrooms – A Guide to Implementation       USD 18

Board Games , Apps, Video Games ( in development process)

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Sacred Technology (Healing Tools) 

What is Vibrational Energy Medicine?

Everything in the world is vibration – Albert Einstein

The word vibration or frequency refers to the oscillations of energy that constitute all life and matter.The energy fields generated by all life, interacts with each other , producing a matrix or grid of frequencies.The ability of an energy field to influence the vibratory field of another is called resonance.. Vibrational energy medicine is based on resonance – feed in the correct frequencies to t create resonance and thereby bring the body back into a state of harmony and balance..Energy can be applied in the form of microcurrents, magnetism, electromagnetic impulses, sound, light and a combination of the latter. Moving out of resonance within the body or mind, essentially means a state of imbalance. The intention of energy medicine is to restore the body’s natural healing abilities by introducing the optimum frequencies into the affected areas and thereforecreate optimum health. Resonance equals harmony and harmony equals excellent well-being.



The method of quantum resonant magnetic analysis is an emerging rapid, and non-invasive spectral testing method and which attempts to compare health products, and to give indications of sub-health conditions. The main experimental indications are over 39, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular , bone mineral , trace elements, blood, rheumatism, lung and respiratory tract, nephropathy, stomach and intestines, liver and gall, cranial nerves, gynecology, prostate, bone disease, the trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc and calcium, etc.

01- Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
02- Gastrointestinal function
03- Liver function
04- Gallbladder function
05- Pancreatic function
06- Kidney function
07- Lung function
08- Brain nerve
09- Bone disease
10- Bone mineral density
11- Rheumatoid bone disease
12- Blood sugar
13- Basic physical quality
14- Human toxin
15- Trace element
16- Prostate
17- Male sexual function
18- Gynecology
19- Skin
20- Endocrine System
21- Immune System
22- Breast
23- Vitamin.
24- Amino Acid
25- Bone Growth Index
26- Eye
27- Heavy Metal
28- Allergy
29- Coenzyme
30- Element of human
31- Obesity
32- Collogen
33- Pulse of heart and brain
34- Channels and collaterals
35- Sperm and semen(male)
36- Menstrual cycle(female)
37- Blood lipids
38- Comprehensive Report Card
39- Large intestine.


Digital kinesiology – used to detect imbalances in the body

Babies and children
• The elderly
• Athletes
• People suffering from injuries
• Individuals recovering from surgery

A modern lifestyle uses up a lot of energy and may leave you feeling tired constantly. While you may not be suffering from any serious disease, having low energy levels may also prevent you from feeling well or from enjoying life in general. A variety of factors may bring about low energy. These include overexertion, anxiety, depression, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, pregnancy, stress, poor sleep quality, and low blood sugar levels.

Kinesiology helps with balancing your energy levels. Using muscle testing one can find out how the body needs re-balancing. And its amazing possibilities…

Nutritional deficiencies,
for nutrition and dieting by testing which emotions trigger the cravings for certain foods, to test which ingredients a person is allergic to and for asking the amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that would be best for the body.

Emotional patterns,
Organ weakness or support,
Energetic imbalance,
In Helping with Environmental Issues, it can be used for: finding energy vortexes in a house.
Acupuncture meridian imbalance,
Using Muscle Testing for Allergy testing: It’s useful for asking what side effects or benefits are being caused by a particular drug and in testing which flower, bulbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, molds and mildews or pollens you are allergic to.
Causes of Stress
Emotional Blocks
The basis of Emotional Complex Clearing (ecc) is muscle testing or kinesiology
Musculoskeletal problems


A comprehensive diagnosis, analysis and treatment system which uses electromagnetic principles to stimulate healing and balance. The entire body field is measured for energy imbalances in under a minute , including all systems, specific organs, toxins, chemicals, nutritional status and emotional states. Imbalances are prioritised and treatments in the form of the NES  to feed the correct energy frequencies into the targeted fields to support the bpdy into a state of balance and well-being, naturally. It is one of the best energy medicine devices currently available and I use this in my private practice.

PowerPulsar 9  $ USD 750Pulsed Magnetic Fields (i.e. Magnetic Pulser)

The purpose of this treatment is to disable microbes that are not floating around in the bloodstream, but are “hiding” in root canals, the lymph system, the stomach area, etc. This is a very important part of the protocol for wellness,
High-intensity Pulsed Magnetic Fields: The third step is externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney and liver, which helps to neutralize germinating, latent alien invaders and thus blocks reinfection. This quickens disease elimination, restores the immune system and supports detoxification. Detoxification is essential because you are throwing off millions of dead and dying bugs. Permanent magnets, no matter how strong, will not scavenge pathogens with electromotive force. It is important to be able to deal with rapid detoxification without producing tremendous discomfort.

More energy
From a physics perspective, the energy foundations of life is based on electromagnetism.
 Better sleep
Use the Magnetic Pulser as an alternative treatment for sleep.
 Pain relief
Magnetic therapy provides a natural and alternative pain treatment.
 Sports performance
Many elite athletes around the world are successfully using pulsed electromagnetic fields as an alternative therapy to peak out their sports performance.
Use the Magnetic Pulsars’ pulsed magnetic fields assist in the removal of waste and toxins in the body.
 Stress relief
Pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) prevent and manage stress reactions in the body.
 Healthy aging
Electromagnetic therapy is a holistic approach for anti-aging.
Complementary way to relieve pain and inflammation and promote healing.

 Harmonic Resonator USD 350

The use of harmonic frequencies which occur naturally on earth from mountains, oceans, earth’s pulse are included in this versatile and powerful device. With frequencies from  7.83 Hz (Schumman resonance) to 852Hz. The spectrum of healing is wide and inclusive of the most important frequencies.It uses the ancient Solfeggio frequencies from 396Hz RED (liberating guilt an fear),417Hz ORANGE (undoing situations and facilitating change),528Hz YELLOW (transformation and miracles and DNA repair),639Hz GREEN (connecting/relationships), 741Hz BLUE (awakening intuition), 852Hz GREEN&BLUE (returning to spiritual order).It also comes with the 7.83Hz BRIGHT BLUE (the Schumann Resonance).

Quantum Pro System $USD 750

An exemplary combination of frequencies with CES to give you a comprehensive treatment protocol. Excellent for memory, focus (ADD/ADHD), depression and mental health, phobias, anxiety, addictions. Includes blood purifier (micro-organisms). Fully upgradeable to include extra features such as chakra balancing, sleep cycle, brain tuner, AV mode.With frequencies from 0.5Hz to 100 Hz it covers core organs and specific systems to integrate the body and mind.


Ability to Focus
Deep Relaxation
Centering and Calmness
Reduced Nervous Energy
Deeper, more Restful Sleep
Better Sexual Performance
Improved Mental Abilities
Short Term Memory Improvement
Increased Mental and Physical Energy
Reduced Negative Behavior Patterns
Heightened Alpha Brainwave Patterns
Improved Attention Span and Concentration


Air pollution is a serious. though unrecognised problem. Elimination of air pollutants and control of air environment ensures health and wellbeing. use of negative ion generators are beneficial to the human body in purifying the air that we breathe. This air purifier is small and portable and can be worn around the neck.


Of major significance to your health is the air you breathe. Negative ions have a positive effect on people and positive ions may compromise health. the air in our cars are the most toxic  due to traffic, air borne pollutants. It simply plugs into the cigarette lighter socket (12V) and you have healthier air and a cleaner environment instantly.

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