The steering arm of our community projects is Global Women Network GWiN – to innovate, inspire and integrate. GWiN is a Community Based Organisation comprising dedicated citizens who want to improve the well-being of others. We work together on areas of need within a community. All of our projects are self-funded.

Kreativity at Work has a long track record of community development initiatives which span different parts of the globe.

The focus of these projects are:

    • 20131015_142319Economic development for women in rural areas
    • Stop Violence against women and children
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Seeding the Future Now…programmes aimed at parents, caregivers and teachers
    • Transition towns (living together sustainably)
    • Creating Conscious Communities – People…Planet…Potential
    • Youth development
    • Professional Collaborative Communities (sharing resources amongst schools)
  • Organic Backyard Farming

Our aim is to raise the bar for living consciously with each other and the planet. Our mission is to restore the family as a bedrock of humanity. Our goal is to innovate, inspire and integrate change within communities. We firmly believe that exposure to good resources during the formative years of childhood, creates a resilient afd happy adult.

We are currently engaged in community activities in specific areas to raise awareness of social issues and offer effective interventions:

  • Developing Fun Learning Zones for ages 0-5 years in rural areas
  • Heart. Breathe. Smile.  Teaching children the power of mindfulness
  • Youth entrepreneurship and leadership development
  • Turning passions into profits (building local economy)
  • Ecological awareness
  • We Care Packs (distributed at local police stations for victims of rape, abuse and domestic violence)
  • Emotional Health support services to schools
  • The Art of Well-Being Community class


IMG00008-20111013-1442Research indicates that that early years of one’s life , is the most crucial stage for development. Rightly so, as neural cells are sprouting by the billions during this phase. It is a critical window period. For many little ones in developing countries, exposure to much-needed resources during this time, is sadly lacking. Our focus in this pivotal area is to ensure that as many children in the outlying areas have at least some resources to stimulate their physical, mental and intellectual growth. IT’S A TOUGH TASK! And we may not be able to reach every child…but at least we can say, that we began the journey, that we set out with intention and purpose, to bring happy smiles and fulfilled hearts to the little ones, who someday, will look back and say ”thank you dear friend and now I’m going to pay this forward”. The cycle of love and care will continue…please be a part of this journey with us.

HOLDING THE MIRROR – for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

Most adults find it challenging to address their unresolved emotional issues, either through a lack of resources or through a lack of awareness. This community programme supports parents, teachers and caregivers with techniques and resources to uncover, fully express and resolve their emotional content. It teaches them to become clear, to take care of themselves and then to offer support to others from an integrated space.

Should you or your organisation be interested in implementing similar projects in your community, please feel free to contact us for further information.

 ”The way in which we raise and teach our children is the single most important factor that can change the trajectory of humanity” Jayshree Mannie