Supporting Children Consciously

‘’ Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They come through you, but not from you…You may give them your love, but not your thoughts…You may house their bodies but not their Souls…You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you…You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth…’’ Kahlil Gibran

We live in a world where there is a focus on deficits, dysfunctions and disorders, where the natural genius of our children is being narcotized by psychotropic drugs and where pathology has become endemic. WHAT IS GOING ON? What has happened to our free-spirited and exuberant children who taught us how to be in the now and enjoy life?


The joy of life, to experience its fullness, is a gift which we receive in wide-eyed wonder. As we embark on this exciting adventure in open curiosity, we sometimes encounter challenges which may begin to take the ‘’shine’’ out of our life’s journey. For many, the sparkle of life begins to lose its lustre and life’s memories add up to deflate your joie de vivre. This cognitive feedback disrupts harmonious cellular communication at subtle energy levels and if not given the correct resources to resolve and fully understand these challenges, it may set you up for future pitfalls. Children instinctively know what it is like to be full of life and vigour – to run around in wild abandon and to savour the offerings of life. Encourage them to embrace life’s adventures and to discover the gifts that it brings.


What emotional script have you given your child through your parenting techniques? What is snuffing out the ‘’pura vida’’ of your child’s life journey? In a world obsessed with performance, results and status it is no wonder that mental conditions are beginning to take its toll on our young ones. We need to ease off, to kick back and let go of the ‘’trophy-child syndrome’’, to steer clear from the world of instant gratification and take the brakes off being a ‘’helicopter parent’’ or the ”tiger mom” who micro-manages your child.


Brain scan studies conducted by Mark Robert Waldman & Andrew Newberg, MD, show that daily and regular practices of meditation, self-reflection and healing sounds/frequencies create certain structural changes throughout one’s brain. It changes our reality to one of profound insights, improves cognitive functioning and generates inner peace and confidence. It essentially rewires your neuro-biology! This gives your child the power to replace old limiting habits/beliefs with greater self-awareness which leads to being in a state of joie de vivre. An inner state of contentment will magnetise fulfilment in all areas of life. Therefore , create opportunities for your child to enjoy and explore activities in nature and to learn how to quiet the mind and listen to the whisper of the sweet inner voice.


The famous scientist and inventor, Nikola Tesla said ‘’If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’’ This is essentially life. Research indicates that a dis-eased body emits low frequencies and a healthy vibrant body, optimal high frequencies. The power of healing sounds and harmonious frequencies have the ability to shift and change vibrational density. The ancient Solfeggio Frequencies have powerful healing effects: 396Hz- liberates guilt and fear; 417Hz – is used for undoing situations & facilitating change; 528Hz – is for transformation and miracles; 639Hz – connecting/relationships; 741Hz – awakening intuition; 852Hz – returning to Source/Oneness.

The 528Hz frequency is often referred to as the MIRACLE frequency as it is derived from the seed sound ‘’Mi’’  in “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.”. It has the remarkable capacity to repair and heal DNA within the body and is the exact frequency which is being used by genetic bio-chemists to repair broken DNA. This miracle frequency abounds in natural sounds in daily life and can be used to facilitate cellular change and hence positively alter one’s state of health.

Play these soothing and harmonious frequencies as your child settles in for bed at night. Or choose tracks that will help your child focus and concentrate better. Calming music and brainwave entrainment tracks are ideal to support your child’s mental states.


A baby’s brain is unique and precious. The way in which it develops will determine who he or she will become. The first 3 year’s of a baby’s life is a critically important period as it is a prime time or crucial ‘’window of opportunity’’ for unprecedented growth in brain connections. Brain development is a ‘’dance’’ or interplay between genes and experience. The experiences you offer your child during this incredibly powerful period where billions of neuronal growth connections are sprouting, will lay the foundation for your child’s wellbeing. The WISETOTZ programme is designed to offer your child the best resources for optimal wellbeing.



Scientists have learned that no matter how we as parents try to influence our young ones, girls will play house and dress up their dollies, and boys will race around fighting imaginary foes, building and destroying and seeking new thrills constantly. It is therefore in the interests of our young sons or daughters that we create an environment which supports their natural aspirations and growth milestones. At this stage your child’s brain circuitry and rising hormone levels will set the stage for the ‘’turbulent’’ teenage years! The SMARTKIDZ Programme is designed to support your child’s developmental milestones at this phase.


The teenage years are undoubtedly one of resistance, conflict and aggression in both in thought and behaviour. It strikes fear in the hearts of parents as their once affectionate and loving child has morphed into a sullen and moody porcupine! At this stage in life your teen daughter’s and son’s body and mind is marching to the drumbeats of hormones and together with external factors, sets the stage for high-end drama from school, to friends, to image, to temperament. The TOPTEENZ Programme is designed to give you insight and resources for both you and your child to navigate this phase.



‘’You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the Infinite, and he bends you with his might, so that your arrows may go swift and far…’’ (K.Gibran).

As parents, we must become the strong yet gentle bows from which our children’s life path is determined. To hold them lovingly, yet firmly. To guide them lovingly, not conditionally. And to set them on a trajectory to joy and fulfillment.


Becoming aware of personal parenting styles (conscious or unconscious), gives us great insight into the impact that it can have on our children. If we are perfectionist parents then we will not allow our children the room to make mistakes. They will view mistakes as an indictment on their intelligence and will either polarise as inflexible, hard-nosed kids or be in a total disarray. These are the ‘’unconscious and unhealthy’’ coping strategies that we unintentionally give our children. When they become core fixations, it drives their behaviour and thoughts repeatedly. Being able to step out of this controlling loop and allowing our children the freedom and space to take risks and learn, is a powerful parenting style.

Enjoy every milestone of your child’s life journey, no matter the age. Nurture their genius through conscious awareness, help them stay connected to the love that resides within and create opportunities for them to share kindness and compassion. teach them that it is not difficult to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

Jayshree Mannie  The Golden Heart Series

Inner peace represents a sweeter music, a cosmic melody, a divine orchestra…and it resides within you.

DID YOU KNOW? Carrying emotional content from the past is like living from behind a veil and peering out at the world. You become disengaged and detached. You begin to look at life’s current experiences through the lens of fear and anxiety. Being rooted in the past obscures your shining brilliance and sheer magnificence.

Life seems to have a way of getting in the way of our peace and calm. Remembering that peace is our birthright helps to let go of the human drama we get caught up in. Sure, we live in turbulent times and sometimes life’s responsibilities seem overwhelming. It may feel like true peace is an illusion or an unattainable quest but the  truth is, despite all that’s going on externally, inner peace has always been here… deep within you. Just become aware of every cell in your body and marvel at the peaceful collaboration amongst them. The cells make up our organs and our organs always work together for the greater wellbeing of the body. They are synchronised in peace and effortless flow. Your body essentially, is a blueprint for peace and collaboration. An instrument of grace.

So…what holds you back from finding your inner peace?

Simply, it’s emotional content that’s rooted in your past as unexpressed feelings. Things like fear, doubt, insecurity, inferiority, anger, sadness –are some of the emotions linked to past experiences. When we are unable to fully express these emotions because we did not have the resources to do so at the time they happened, they fixate in our consciousness and begin to clog our energy pathways. The block in the flow of energy within creates inner discord and interferes with cellular communication. The results – agitation, impatience, incoherence, frustration…the list is endless and you begin to live your life in a space of inner turbulence.

Undoing the Past

Cut the chords which bind you to the past. Unravel the story which keeps you stuck. Make peace with all that has happened and let it go in love. Look at yourself in the mirror and see the light of your magnificent soul shine through your eyes. Connect with the essence that is pure and scintillating and you will gradually feel waves of peace wash over you and the past will gently melt away.

Fall in love…with yourself!

In a world which forever pits us against ourselves, we lose touch with our natural exuberance. We are led to believe our teeth should be whiter, our hips should be more shapely, our tums should be cardboard flat, our diaries should be full. Living up to the expectations of others is grueling work and robs us of the wide-eyed wonder of life. What would it take for you to truly love yourself in wild abandon? To reconnect with your free spirit? To laugh out loudly and heartily? To reach out and touch your inner lover? Let yourself be moved by an inner knowing and begin to dance to your rhythm of love. Serenade the love within, honour the majestic splendour that you are and trust that you are the greatest love of all.

The Golden Heart

Pure, pristine and flawless is the love that pulsates within you. You are an epitome of unconditional love – expansive and ever-deepening. Your heart radiates love frequencies and nourishes your soul and feeds your body. Just for now…close your eyes, bring your awareness to your heart space and imagine myriads of gossamer golden threads embracing your heart, in shining brilliance…feel yourself melting into the depths of this shimmering golden energy and let it carry you into the core and allow every cell in your body to be bathed in this golden glow of love. Breathe deeply and become one with this love that you are. You have a Golden Heart and it’s filled with love. Rest in this eternal truth…

Your inner sanctuary is your touchstone for peace, tranquillity and serenity. It is a shining doorway to the magic that lives within you. It is timeless, ever-present and wondrous…it’s a gift from your inner lover. Enjoy…


And the NEW YEAR has arrived! Out come all the resolutions, the ideas to improve our lives, to live happier, to eat healthier, to enhance our relationships, to fuel our careers….the list is endless. We begin with such gusto and sure-fired intention, but sadly a few months into the year – and- what resolutions? What changes?

They have been forgotten and thrown into the trash can like the stale Christmas turkey, or the obsolete random gifts! Yet, the new year can provide us with a fresh crisp energy to redesign our lives, to live a better version of ourselves.

The success of creating a better life for yourself, lies in the simplicity and authenticity of your intentions. Choose your goals with care and deep thought. Become aware of which areas in your life caused the most stress for you last year and earmark those areas to develop further.

The next step is to feel with your heart and soul what you would love to learn and grow in, for this year. Something that excites you, that fills you with eagerness and fires up your cells! There is nothing more powerful than intense positive emotions to shift you into a glorious space.

Here are a few simple yet highly effective tips to RESET your life in 2019:

Live from the Heart’s Intelligence

The electromagnetic filed generated by the heart is the most powerful in the body – 60x more powerful than the electrical activity generated by the brain. (HeartMath Institute). Therefore, living from the heart is not a new-age fashion statement, but rather, a wise and conscious choice. So, choose to focus more on the heart and as you go about your daily activities. Add heart to your life. Be HeartSmart.

Don’t Shrink to Fit!

We often feel compelled to downsize our talents, dreams and aspirations, just to fit in. We think that it is better to go with the herd than against it. This type of thinking will stunt your growth and clip your wings. So, enjoy the comfort of your own skin and learn to honour the REAL YOU. Celebrate your potential in all its glory and you will shine like the sun.

Morning Rituals

We all know that leaping out of bed with a million thoughts on the mind can be counter-productive to a fulfilling day. So, just for 5 minutes, as you arise – lie in bed and place your hands over your heart and breathe gently, with full awareness on the heart area. Do this 3x. Then, fill your heart with gratitude or appreciation for any person, pet or memory and breathe into it. Then place your hands on the space about 1,5cm below the belly button (where all 72 000 energy meridians of the body converge) and bring your focus to this area. Breathe in and out deeply, feeling your belly and hand rise with each in breath. Do this for 7 breaths. Then bring your palms together and rub them gently to create a soft warmth and place them over your eyes, bathing your eyes in their warmth, say‘’Today is an awesome day. Thank you’’. These 3 easy steps will pre-frame your day for one of ease, grace and peace. Do try it….

Magical Movement

The word exercise can conjure up images of pain, sweat and stress. Forget it! Focus on magical movement instead. Because, rhythmic and harmonious movement is beneficial for the body and the mind. Begin a yoga practice , as yoga is essentially a union with your higher self, with the divine. It is not about contortions and acrobatic stunts. It is being in harmony with fluid body movement to energise the organs and calm the mind. It creates unity amongst body, mind and spirit. Try to fit yoga in during your day for at least 20 minutes. I recommend the Surya Namaskar (The Sun Salutation) as it is a comprehensive set of yoga postures that is highly beneficial.

Upgrade YOU

We are obsessed with upgrading our software on our computers, upgrading our phones, upsizing our houses, upgrading to better and faster cars, upsizing our meals….what about YOU? You as a person? The human body is by far the best technology, the best asset and yet we ignore reading the user’s manual! Instead we just expect t to perform mundane tasks, same old same old everyday. Yet, within the human body resides a phenomenal power – a potential brimming with genius and unlimited possibilities. Invest in yourself. Upgrade your thoughts. Upsize your actions. Expand your awareness. Increase your understanding of this amazing being that you are.

Reach Out to Others

Humans are wired for social connection. It is what makes us tick. Step outside the bounds of screen friends – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp – and connect in real time. Research indicates that the younger generations who have become accustomed to social media, lack social skills and emotional intelligence. So go out into the real world. Touch, feel, hear, see and connect. Volunteer at rest homes, or animal shelters or community organisations. Meet people. Hold their stories with love and care. Share your heart and smiles with them. We are a global family after all. Just one race. Human.

Rejuvenate in Nature

Nature has the most restorative energy for all living beings. Take time out in nature – go for walks, swim in the refreshing ocean, sit under majestic trees, walk bare foot on soft grass, feel the soil in your hands as you sow seeds, smell the aromatic scents of blossoms, cuddle your pets, listen to the calls of birds, do a group meditation in a forest – just chill out in nature. It is beautiful and bountiful and gives unconditionally. It’s the perfect place to hit the pause button and reset your biological clock.

You are the architect of your destiny. And you can design the best life for yourself. A life filled with joy, harmony, success and fulfilment, sparkling in vitality and laughter and radiating love to all sentient beings. It begins with YOU. Let your wings carry you….


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