871This programme is for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years. The SMARTKIDZ Programme is an exceptionally well-designed intervention for supporting the innate potential of your child. The foundation of the programme rests on frontier-science research with the latest developments in neuroscience, cognitive development, emotional and nutritional health. It aims to address imbalances within the physical, chemical, emotional, neural, behavioural and mental fields of the body. This integrated approach has a profound impact on the holistic health of your child.


Our one-on-one consults or workshops comprise the following leading-edge technology and interventions:

  •  WELLSCAN does a Wellness Assessment of over 2000 markers of bio-data within the body and mind  –  extremely useful data which analyses the internal and external stressors for your child including emotional blocks (for example fear & where it is stored in the body), toxins from foods or the environment, allergens, nutritional status & a host of other pertinent information. This bio-data is a blueprint for understanding the triggers for your child’s behavior.

  • Personality profiling which helps you understand your child’s extraordinary gifts and his/her predictable pitfalls. If for example your child is Personality Type 1 Perfectionist, then the unconscious message that you would be sending out as a parent is ”it’s not okay to make mistakes” . The 9 Gem’s Personality Profiling is used to give you deep insight into how your child’s behaviour was shaped, what the healthy/unhealthy traits are, how to support his/her passions/preferences and the building blocks for a robust personality

  • Understanding your child’s unique learning styles –  multiple intelligence theory teaches us that all kids are smart but they are smart in different ways – verbal/linguistic; logical/mathematical; musical; visual/spatial; bodily/kinaesthetic; interpersonal/social; intrapersonal/introspective; naturalist. Children learn best using their unique style & supporting them in this regard paves the way for success

  • Clearing emotional blockages & reprogramming neural pathways – the fascinating field of neuroscience has changed the landscape of the brain and17kl9l44zvzprjpg associated emotions. We now know that the concepts of neuroplasticity and epigenetics are profoundly influencing the wellbeing of our children. Through elegantly designed processes such as the Golden Heart, Tap2Zap! and Cool2BMe, your child’s emotional script can be re-wired with ease and fun.

  • Enhancing cognitive networks through creativity, eurythmic movement, role play and mindfulness are proven techniques to create a solid foundation for a well and wise child.

  • Nutritional status – data to understand the impact of nutritional imbalances & its impact on learning & behaviour. Recent research indicates that an unhealthy gut (eating too much processed food) can cause mental fog due to the massive increase in unfriendly gut bacteria. Poor concentration, irritability, mood swings, sleepiness can result from this imbalance of gut bacteria.

  • Toxins – we are inundated with toxins from foods, the environment, household cleaners, technology, pesticides, personal products – the links between learning disorders, health issues or behavioural problems and toxins have been researched extensively. You will get information of the presence of heavy metals, solvents & other toxins.

  • Allergens and food sensitivities – studies indicate that there is a direct association between food sensitivities example gluten intolerance and behavioural issues such as hyperactivity in children.


SMARTKIDZ is a resource like no other. It assesses using state-of-the-art technology accurately and non-invasively and through powerfully transformative processes, your child’s blueprint for wellbeing is a certainty.

Individual Private Sessions or Workshops Available