The TOPTEENZ Programme is designed for teenagers or young adults. It is a comprehensive and thorough programme which leaves no stone unturned. It steers clear of the conventional topics of ‘labelling, medicating and pathologising’ teenagers. It rests on the same sound core principles of The SMARTKIDZ Programme and includes advanced clinical diagnostic tools to assess nutritional deficiencies, toxins in the body, allergens, emotional blockages and chemical imbalances. “You have to look at the roots, to change the fruits” is an interesting facet of the Tap2Zap! process which is an integral component of the TOPTEENZ Programme. A growing body of research indicates that emotional freedom techniques, which form the basis for the Tap2Zap! process, has achieved amazing results within a short space of time. As part of creative and innovative solutions, the concepts of neuro-diversity, multiple intelligences, personality profiling and cognitive-behavioural therapy forms the cornerstone of working with your teen or young adult.

Issues addressed include:

  • phobias,
  • anxiety,
  • Depressiondepression,
  • ”ADD/ADHD”,
  • focus/concentration problems,
  • learning challenges,
  • inattentiveness,
  • lack of motivation,
  • intimidation/bullying,
  • underachievement,
  • lack of confidence,
  • poor self-esteem,
  • social anxiety,
  • micro/macro trauma (divorce,grief,loss).

TOPTEENZ can be done privately one-on-one or in group sessions. Both are highly effective.

Jayshree Mannie, pioneer of The Junior Journey & the Journey in the Classroom (as marketed by best-selling author, Brandon Bays) has achieved world-wide acclaim for this programme. In use in over 2000 schools globally and with a current reach of  63 000 kids in South Africa, it continues to grow and enhance the lives of thousands across the planet.

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