quality-child-care-irvineResearch indicates that ”the first 3 years of life last forever”. As parents, we want to take this window of opportunity and lay a foundation for future the wellbeing and success of our children. What would it feel like as a parent, to know that despite your personal limiting belief systems borne from your past experiences, that you are able to transcend this all and offer your little one resources which are free from your own programming? Through guided visualization techniques, energy medicine, cellular re-patterning, eurhythmy, mandala meditation and conscious communication you will be able to connect deeply with your little one’s essence and synchronize with their vibrational energy. In absolute understanding and trust, you will become aware and align with their life’s blueprint. You will feel the magical unfolding of limitless possibilities….

1798224This psycho-spiritually guided session with your little one has the potential to clear past-life programming, calm the nervous system, obliterate defective DNA and ensure congruence with heart and mind. It is a gift that will keep on giving…

This is a one-on-one consult with one or both parents in a safe and nurturing environment